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Delivering freshness around the globe

AdaFresh is a global provider of the finest farm fresh agricultural produce. Established in 2005 by a team of pioneering agricultural experts, led by Mr. Avi Kadan, AdaFresh presents retailers worldwide with advanced solutions that meet their changing needs.

Headquartered in Israel, AdaFresh operates logistics centers in Israel and Holland, and worldwide production and distribution centers. The company’s Dutch subsidiary controls the logistics centers for its forward storage and distribution facilities. This ensures an extensive offering of fresh produce year round as well as outstanding customer service.

AdaFresh’s experienced team utilizes advanced management tools to consistently deliver uncompromising quality assurance, strict pesticide residue monitoring, and complete traceability, while ensuring cold chain integrity.

AdaFresh regularly cooperates with the Agricultural Research Organization in its quest to deliver global markets with the best suited and most resilient produce.

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